Are you alone!The second chapter is gradually stable

Stay at home for two days, Chen blossoming to follow the little uncle went to junior high school, junior high school in the village, but the results are not bad, the county junior high school can row the first three. Little uncle know inside an English teacher, the 40-year-old middle-aged man simple and honest, but also Chen blossoming later junior high school class teacher, teach English, care him asylum, Chen blossoming junior high school also too moist.
    At that time Chen blossoming hair Liu Hai was cut off, e, anyway, very ugly, borrowed from the words of the students, her bangs just like the dog eating the same, extremely awkward.
    The class teacher to take her to the classroom on the road to ask her how to type English, usually test how many points, Chen blossoming tell the truth more than seventy can pass, the class teacher listening to feeling okay, told her to learn mathematics, in addition to other Did not say anything.
    Just go to the classroom is a math class, that time is positive, negative, absolute value and the like, people around can understand, Chen blossoming about to understand, behind the teacher will not tell a score. Math teacher looks very beautiful, is the son of eight of the skin white and beautiful long legs, but Chen blossoming more afraid of her, in addition to because the mathematics is not ye to guilty, the main thing is the teacher too big eyes, Round open, like hanging in the face of two dollars a coin.
    Chen Duo Duo sitting in the penultimate row, behind a row is not how to learn the students, but to Chen blossoming properties, with these people to play the most happy.
    Thai and junior high school students to learn the grasp is still more strict, at 6:20 in the morning to study classes in the class, starting at 8 o'clock in the school at 12 o'clock, five classes, four classes in the afternoon, two to six Point twenty, there are three evening study, late study to 920, and then to go home from school. Some students are far away from the students are directly live on campus, the school bedroom is very small, a dormitory living eighteen people, Chen Duohuo really do not want to live, the teacher did not let her live, meaning no empty bed, even if there is an empty bed But also to those who leave far away from the students, the general home near the home.
    There is no way, my grandmother to Chen Duo arranged in the aunt live, but fortunately aunt home from the school is very close, walk ten minutes, and then a road to the school is also very convenient. Aunt family has two children, his son went out to work at home, daughter in the field on the university, Chen Duo Duo live is her cousin Shen soft room.
    I do not know you clearly know the feelings of people, in short, Chen blossoming heart is unwilling to live in the aunt's home, grandmother's home too far away from the school, parents are not around, twelve-year-old child secretly burdened with no power Tell anyone.

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