Are you alone! Chapter 3 Name

Evening study when everyone is reading, only Chen blossoming a person secretly listening to music, the class teacher to engage in raids every day, Chen blossoming white headphones really is not the general obvious, the wind did not fear the case, really listen too hi Was caught, together with the back seat doll face boys.
    Two people were carried out together with the old season, the old season first received Chen blossoming headphones and doll face boys phone, and then against the two people a strange meal, the blame that strange, one never let, all get out of class So that two people back to the classroom, the girl always shy heart, class songs were caught, but also with a boy carrying out back scolded the meal always feel very embarrassed, after entering the class always feel the class people are In the look at themselves, head down the end of the two free evening study, the same school Hou ran back to the little girl home.
    The next day to class, early reading at the same time the king can pull Chen Duo to the toilet, all the way to the king can be howling stomach pain. Chen blossoming in the toilet waiting for her, not a while she began to howl: "Chen blossoming, you take the paper did not?" Chen blossoming: "Of course not ah, I do not go to the toilet." Wang can make a word "I can not help you go to the class to get some paper? I forget the paper" "Then you wait for me for a while." Chen duo stuffy enough to go to the class to the king can take the paper, that time she also Do not know later with the king, but very good friends, so waiting for her ink to the class took the paper, and then took the paper ink to the toilet, the king's legs have to squat off.
    From the toilet out after the king may have to eat, Chen blossoming also went to, but no meal card ah, we supposed to do, only Wang can ask her to eat friends. But also thought Chen blossoming finally accounted for someone else a cheap it, however, ah restaurant people is too much, Wang can pull Chen blossoming to squeeze when the air is all kinds of people who sweat, but also There are a few days did not wash the smell of smelly hair, and because many people because of sweat on the clothes issued by the smell, simply so hard, it is the first time to Chen Duo to come to such a place to eat, people are too much , So the king can buy a meal back to ask her what to eat when she was black with a face on the bench spit two words "do not eat!
    The last king can only quickly quickly finished the meal and then accompanied by this little proudly quickly back to the classroom Yeah, this is the first time to go to school cafes Chen Duo, is the last time, she would rather go to school alone Not very clean little restaurant to eat, do not want to squeeze with others to eat, dead face to live to suffer the fault for her refused a lot of friends, but she did not change the dead, stinky hypocritical.
    In the morning, she was especially serious about the English class, because she would, ah, anyway, the first English is the primary school to learn again, very simple, before boarding school in Zhengyang, the school is very focused on oral English , So that time Chen blossoming English did not say that the first English 120 points, she can 110 + each time, the teacher asked the king when she stood the book block the mouth whispered the answer read to Wang, Wang Can not hear her a little phonetic, and then the glory of the old season roar: "Chen blossoming you give me up! You will be right? Ah? You give someone to answer?", Chen blossoming also not Talk, this is probably the only advantage of her body, and do not love with people quarrel, it should be considered a merit. And then two people stood together until the end of class.
    Morning sports school Chen blossoming this lazy pig is certainly not willing to, but fortunately the teacher is only in accordance with the class of students in the tall and thin to shoot the formation, nor asked to let people free exercise, the country did not junior high school Too many sports fitness equipment, the playground on a few basketball box empty and no few people to play, boys go to school small supermarket to buy water to drink the way to sit, girls are looking for a cool place to play together, Thai British junior high school Not a small playground, running around eight hundred, but weeds a lot, because the playground is the eight children of the land, so every year just when the school will organize students to play the grass weeding. At the moment Chen blossoming with the king can be together in a cool place to discuss the most hottest singer is Wang Su Tuo or Xu Song, quite non-mainstream e, which led to Chen Duo think of this matter when the side of their own taste of doubt Laughing Biao tears. At that time the time is too slow, a nutrition problem can be no longer half a day. Physical class is the last section of the morning, on the class can go to eat.

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