Are you alone!Chapter IV of the youth

Boy, you have secret attention to the opposite sex? A radius of 500 meters, as long as there is him, you are all uncomfortable, always from time to time want to secretly with the eyes aim at him, he looked over when you did not dare look directly at his eyes, his line of sight swept over Your line of sight also followed to shift to other places, afraid of him to see, but also afraid of being found that you are peeping him.
    Night study class for a while Yao Jun with only a few other boys together into the classroom, walked over Chen Duo blossoming when Chen blossoming secretly glanced at him. Reason she did not know why they want to peek Yao Jun, but picked up a job this saw a name only.
    Thai and British junior high school self-study will never let you idle, the class teacher in the old quarter of the arm and the book holding the stick holding the stick came in the classroom, and went to the podium began to let the first row of students back pass, the old season On his own class is still relatively strict grasp, so the first (seven) classes of English has always been the first nine classes, finished the course of the class students began to write, the old season took a stick Wandering in the class, saw a walk away to go around people ask the students doing, why not write papers. Chen Duo Duo finished the paper to take to Wang can copy their own lying on the table in a daze, see the old season strange students in front, anyway, she can not hear what the old season to see the old season is not wearing black shoes With that kind of dark flesh color stockings! The old season wearing socks every day, a fat middle-aged man wearing a striped poio shirt, a fat belly at a glance at the show, the lower body is loose six seven shorts, feet wearing a serious deformation of the shoes and then is People are very hard to say socks, other teachers did not wear so, anyway, students are privately students laughing old season to wear socks.
    Chen blossoming while watching the laughter also with a finger poke a poke King can Wang also see, and found the old season came and then quickly sat down also easily put their own papers back to the table spread on the table, not how good to explain why Laugh when the old season has been through her and then stopped, a stick knocked behind the people who, mouth to curse: "sleep! You ye so sleepy? I see how much you write the song!" Then take up the scroll A look, there are lively Chen blossoming is absolutely not fall, twisted his head back to see, the neck should be cramped. Yao Jun to face also because the book above the sleep and pressure out of the mark, a long, from the forehead to bypass the corner to the mouth. The old season to see the hands of the papers is a fierce roar: "You write so much? Four multiple choice questions? There are face to sleep!
    The old season for a while Yao Jun with Chen blossoming said the first sentence: "hey, you have pen did not?", But no one Dali him. Chen duo dare not back, her heart in the tangled it, if it is not talking to her, then she must be embarrassed to go back to death, but she really has extra pen, as well as the habit of hoarding goods, Tuen various things. Then Yao Jun to say the sentence: "hey! Front!" Chen blossoming quickly back to the head, too much force also scared Yao Jun to jump, this girl really fierce. Chen blossoming took the pen to him and quickly turned around. Wang can be behind the thin tall Li Hao and a look of laughing Mimi's king can ask: "You have no extra pen? I also borrow a ah, I have no pen," but did not borrow the pen, but also Wang was staring at the king.
    The late summer and early autumn wind blowing through the window, cool, just to face down the temperature.
    The second section of the evening classes began to collect the get out of class, the volume of the last section of the evening study to learn nothing, the first part of the majority of children do not know what the preview, but also nothing fun, the phone can only call SMS, the screen is very small, 3g network, to see the novel can only go to search, because it should be free search, but still have to be careful with, or accidentally mobile phone traffic on the super, every day arrears downtime. So Chen blossoming to pull the king can practice in the painting on the grid under the backgammon, with a black pen to draw lattice board, and then draw a pencil with a pencil, such a page when the paper finished with a rubber eraser can be a piece, Do not know what fun, anyway, two people are enjoying themselves, and never considered the real backgammon in the end how many sunspots how many white child.

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