Sony’s new ‘Crystal’ DualShock 4s are red, white and bl


DualShock controllers for PlayStation 3 and 4 have both had a translucent option as far back as 2013. The top case of the "crystal" controller lets you see through to the inner workings of the wireless gaming device, which for some reason is pretty darn cool. Sony is making a play for that nostalgia with three new crystal colors — red, blue and clear — for its DualShock 4 wireless controllers.

The new colors will show up in stores and online later this month, but only at specific retailers. If you want a Crystal DualShock 4, you'll need to head to GameStop. If Blue Crystal is your jam, head to Walmart, and you'll have to go to Best Buy to grab the Red Crystal style. You'll pay a little more for the style, though; the Crystal controller at GameStop retails for $65, while the traditional black one is still $60. The new colors are ready for pre-order right now at the three outlets.